Suggestions For Removing A Broken Key From A Lock

April 23rd, 2019

Keys play an essential role in our every day lives. They are used to lock and unlock doors of homes, offices, schools, and more. Additionally, unless a person has a brand-new car, they even need a key to start the ignition. However, ignition switches are an entirely different ballgame altogether that will likely require a locksmith to correct. However, should a Houston resident's key break off in a deadbolt or doorknob lock, they shouldn't fret. Instead, the individual can consider trying these suggestions.

There aren't many worse feelings than slipping the key in, applying a tiny amount of pressure, and then, having it snap. In fact, the event can be downright disheartening. The stressful incident can leave you panicked and unsure of what to do. Luckily, there are some methods that folks can try to fix the situation themselves. So, interested Houston parties should read further to learn more.

Stop! Don't Continue Using The Key

Some persons believe that if they slide the broken key the rest of the way into the lock that it will turn and unlock. However, this assumption is false, and the only thing the action will accomplish is pushing the blade farther in. Don't discard the piece as you will need it later to have another key made. Instead, put it in your pocket or purse for safe keeping. Just don't attempt to use the key to operate the lock because doing so will decrease your chances of removing the blade with one of these methods.

Without More Ado, Ways To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock

1. Tweezers Or Needle-Nose Pliers

If the edge of the blade is outside the lock, it may be possible to grab it with needle-nose pliers. So, if a pair is handy, attempt to use them to grip the piece and pull it out. Be careful not to push the sliver further in though. If the blade is flush or just inside the lock, get a thin pair of tweezers to remove the piece. The tweezers should not be too thick, as they need to be able to fit along the sides of the key.

2. Super Glue

While this approach may sound somewhat counter-intuitive, sometimes, it works. The idea is to super glue the blade to a match stick or toothpick so that it can be slid out. However, this option should not be utilized if the key is deep in the lock. The glue can cause other internal parts to stick together. Then, it is highly probable that the entire lock will need to be replaced.

3. A Broken Key Extractor

Houston citizens that don't want to contact a locksmith can purchase a broken key extractor to remove the blade. These often come in sets, and many times, they come with a lot of unnecessary pieces. You will want to use either a single or double hook extractor. It may take several or more attempts, but after hooking the key, a bit of turning and pulling should get it out of the lock.

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