A Closer Look At The Importance Of Holiday Time Retail Security

January 9th, 2019

A Closer Look At The Importance Of Holiday Time Retail Security 

Retail businesses have plenty to worry about when making sure that they keep their business profitable. One of the biggest issues is theft, and shoplifters, dishonest employees, and fraud are all issues that are a constant concern. And during the holiday season they’re even more of a concern. There are several major issues that make it vital that you carefully review your security system during the holidays. Here are some of the biggest reasons. 

Temporary Workers 

One of the biggest risks to businesses isn’t where you may think. Employee theft makes up about 30% of inventory shrinkage in retail stores. And during the holidays, most businesses have to bring on additional temporary employees to help with the busy season. This means that you have multiple employees who could steal from your company. Better review of new employees and effective security systems can help reduce internal theft.

More Shoppers

The most obvious reason that theft is an increased risk during the holidays is simple – there are more shoppers out and about.  There are even issues reported of shoplifting ‘gangs’ in major cities that work together to steal merchandise. This type of Organized Retail Crime costs businesses $30 billion every single year. 

As such, increasing your monitoring capabilities and being more vigilant is a must during the holiday season. Unusual activity is a clear sign of a potential problem, but you have to be able to notice it first. 

Increased System Fraud

POS systems are a vital part of any retail store, and more people are using their cards than their cash to pay for purchases. But thanks to increased lines and busy employees, the holidays are a perfect time for hackers to target your retail systems. Accessing information of your customers or your business itself is enough to give these criminals the ability to drain bank accounts and cause other issues. 

Consider changing your retail system network to a different network than your guest Wi-Fi is running on, and be sure that security cameras are installed at every point of sale to keep an eye on things during the busy holiday season. 

Increased Inventory 

When the holidays approach, stores stock up. You have to be able to meet retail demands, which means that increased inventory is very common. However, you must ensure that your inventory management is at its best. Those increased levels of inventory make it easier for weak points in your security to show up and for inventory to be stolen without you even realizing it. 

Fighting Back 

There is no single way to combat these issues. But, retail managers and owners can take steps to fight back against the increased risks. Specifically, do a full review of your security system including camera placement. Retool inventory management processes and be sure that you treat employees fairly to increase morale. 

Beyond this, talking to a security expert could be a key element of protecting your business as well. They can help evaluate your surveillance and security systems and ensure that you’re safe from crime during the holiday season. 

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