DVR or Cloud Surveilance Which One Is Right For You

October 14th, 2019

Video surveillance has been used for many years. The first video surveillance systems were used by banks and retail establishments in the U.S. in the 1970s. Since that time, many businesses in TX and around the country have implemented these security measures to protect their employees, their customers, and their investments.

Today, businesses like gas stations, corporate offices, and restaurants use security cameras for security. But not all of them use these systems in the same way. Business owners who use surveillance have an option to record video using a hard-wired device (DVR), or through the internet. In order to discover which one is right for your business, you’ll need to know how they work, and how it can impact your business security.

What You Need To Know About DVR Surveillance

A digital video recorder (DVR) is a physical device that processes and stores the video signals that come from your security camera. Recorded video footage gets converted into a digital file and sent through wires to the DVR. This is a closed-circuit system that does not require an internet or network connection. Footage can only be accessed through a hard drive on a computer.

What You Need To Know About Cloud Surveillance

Cloud surveillance uses the internet for remote storage of video footage. There are no wires or physical equipment required; just an internet connection, which can be done via Wi-Fi. Videos that are captured on a cloud-based surveillance system are converted to a file and stored on an internet host. Typically, the host is a website that requires users to access the footage with a unique log in. Once a user is logged in, they can view all recorded videos and control cameras remotely.

The Differences To Be Aware Of

The similarity between DVR systems and cloud-based systems is that they both store the video footage from the surveillance system of your TX business. The difference is how you access and store the footage. DVR systems record footage but do not use internet storage or require internet connection; cameras are hard-wired to a physical device. Cloud surveillance does not require any type of physical device. All you need is an internet connection and you can view footage from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What Does it Mean for Your Business?

When using a DVR surveillance system for your business security, there are some service and maintenance issues you must be aware of. Limited storage capacity, overheating, and improper installation can compromise your recording capabilities and accessibility. With a cloud-based system, you must be sure that cyber-security measures are in place. This includes:

  • Secure network connections
  • Anti-virus protection, firewalls, and malware
  • Encrypted data
  • Password protection
  • Software updates


If you have questions about your business security needs, contact a trusted security vendor. A good vendor in TX will take the time to discover which type of system will work best for you. Don’t leave your business protection to chance. Contact us today.

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