4 Smart Home Devices That Keep Working While Youre On Vacation

September 10th, 2019

A lot can happen to your home in Houston, TX while you’re away.  Burglary is an obvious problem, but you can also face issues like leaky toilets, thieves who steal packages that arrive while you’re away, doors left ajar that let in rain and pest animals, and visitors who need to get something from your home while you’re away but who don’t have a key to get in.  For a long time the only way to solve problems like these were to end your vacation early, but these days smart devices can monitor and fix your home wherever you are.


Smart Lights

For a long-time homeowners have used timers on table and floor lamps to turn lights on and off at certain hours of the day.  These lights made the home look occupied even when everyone was away and could help deter burglars.  However, burglars are very aware of light timers and can figure out you’re using them by watching a home when the timers go off.  That’s why today you can get smart plugs and timers that randomize when they turn on and off, and many brands also let you change the light schedule remotely through a smartphone app.


Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a very obvious addition to any security system.  You have to set them high up in corners to get a good view, and so they’re easy to spot.  This is by design:  when burglars and other potential criminals see a surveillance system, they’re much more likely to find another home in Houston, TX to target.  Modern cameras also transmit wireless signals using internet protocol, and that means they can use your Wi-Fi network and send live feeds directly to your phone using a secure app.


Smart Thermostats

One of the most common smart upgrades in homes today is the smart thermostat.  These devices work with your home’s existing HVAC system and come with a set of motion and heat detectors that can see where people are in the house and what temperature they’re experiencing compared to the temperature they set.  Smart thermostats come with a setting that automatically puts the system into a high-efficiency mode while everyone is away and will reduce your utility bills.


Smart Security

Modern security systems can come completely integrated with smart home devices and give you smartphone apps that let you control your house from any location.  For instance, you can unlock an electronic lock with a tap on your phone, and the security system can alert your phone when the smoke alarm goes off or stops working for some reason.  Because of this, a security system can be the backbone of a whole smart-home renovation.

You’re supposed to relax and live in the moment when you’re on vacation, but many people can’t help but worry about what they leave behind.  And they have reason to worry thanks to burglars, leaks, thieves, and other hazards they can’t control while they’re away.  So keep your peace of mind and go on your vacation by upgrading your Houston, TX with a comprehensive (and smart) security system.


"Steve I just wanted to thank you and your partner Ray Kindsfather for the fine work you men did installing the security cameras around my home. The quality of the pictures is excellent, the clarity in day or infrared mode is exactly what I was looking for. What good is a camera if you can't identify the person and these cameras will greatly assist the police in identifying a perpetrator. The computer side of the job is easy and fast with very little adjustment time for me in finding what I want to see. Software and hardware get A+++++ no doubt about. The Ring is equally easy to use and the quality of the camera is equally strong. The installation was clean and fast. You maintain a clean site, it’s like you were never here. You answered all my questions with pin point accuracy. Integrity suits you well. Your answers were honest and to the point. Refreshing in today’s world. All and all you and Ray make a strong team at DWS Technology LLC. I have no problem recommending you to friend or family, home or business. God bless you both with your business. I will call you for future installations. "

Cliff Mulvaney


"Ray, in reviewing several different security cameras there were many good products, but none met my criteria of clarity and no long-term contract. Raymond, you showed me one product that caught my attention with the clarity and distance viewing that I could not get with other systems. The zoom after a few feet became distorted with the other systems but with the Alibi NVR package you demoed, we could zoom in and out with clarity which made this product stand out from all the rest. The NVR system is so simple, in fact, anyone can configure the system to suit their needs. You can monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet and having security cameras makes it a great deterrent for criminal activity. DWS Technology delivered as promised! Your installation crew worked clean and treated my home as if it was their own. Great attention to detail! I will recommend DWS Technology to anyone! Great job guys!"

Eli R.

"DWS Technology does great work! I found them to be knowledgeable, professional and cost-effective. DWS designed a company-wide integrated comprehensive solution with site survey drawings outlying every detail of the project for our nine major locations. The surveillance performance we needed was exactly what we received. DWS, you outperformed our expectations and continue to do so with your tech support. Thank you for providing great service and delivering on your promises."

John Schreiber

Building Superintendent, Catholic Charities

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