Stay Alert For Security Issues This Holiday Season

October 24th, 2019

The holidays are by far the best time for retail stores.  Many small stores don’t make an overall profit until Black Friday and the Christmas rush begin, but all those extra shoppers come with more than just extra money.  They also create a lot of chaos as they fill your retail area, and both shoplifters and dishonest temp workers can take advantage of that chaos to steal something.  In the holiday season, burglars will target stores that carry the most popular gifts of the year and sell them on the black market to desperate shoppers.


That’s why retail store owners need to keep on their toes during the holiday season if they want their profit margins to be as large as possible.  Store security keeps your products safe, and it also keeps employees and shoppers safe when a stressed-out customer tries to get physical.  That’s why your holiday preparations should include the following security steps.




Shoplifting is easier during the holiday rush when there are more customers to keep track of and more people to break a line of sight.  That means your holiday security needs to be thorough.


  • Hire extra security staff along with extra cashiers to handle your holiday needs.  Be sure they’re trained to watch body language and other tells.
  • Make sure high-value items have RFID chips and other electronic article surveillance devices that door scanners can detect.
  • Set one employee by the door who can direct customers and intercept suspicious shoppers.
  • Use scannable coupons to make sure they’re all real and active.


Employee Theft


When you hire a lot of holiday workers, you’re more likely to bring on someone you can’t trust.  That means it’s important to keep an eye on them.


  • Have a security camera for each point of sale and put it in a position that lets you watch what your employees are doing.
  • Use individual passcodes for each employee so you can keep separate logs of what each one does on your sales system.
  • Provide incentives that deter employee theft, including good pay, anonymous tipping, and rotating positions.
  • Institute a bag check for when employees clock out.




The holiday season is when otherwise cheap products can become a lot more valuable thanks to annual fads.  That’s why retail stores of all sorts should double-check their overnight security.


  • Install surveillance cameras on the outside of your building to deter burglars.
  • Consider adding steel shutters to protect the doors and windows.
  • Make sure your burglar alarm is working and always arm it when closing.
  • Always have a trusted, long-term employee close the store and not a short-term holiday worker.


The holiday season is a stressful time for a retail store owner, but it’s also a lucrative time when you can make a huge profit.  Strong store security can help with both problems, so make sure your business is ready before Black Friday rolls around.  And if you need help deciding on which security features to add or upgrade, DWS Tech can give you the professional advice and assistance you need.

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