Why Do Burglars Target Your Home While You Are On Vacation

June 5th, 2019

If you’re considering leaving Houston to go on vacation, you should look to protect your home before leaving. Unfortunately, many Houston, TX homes are targeted when residents leave for vacation. Why is this the case? Below, we’ve outlined the three primary reasons why burglars target your home while you’re on vacation. 

You Don’t Tell Your Neighbors That You’re Going On Vacation 

If you trust your Houston neighbors, you should tell them that you’re going on vacation. Why? Because they’ll provide you with free “eyes and ears” when you’re gone. Your neighbors tend to know your patterns and habits. If you tell neighbors that you’re away, they know precisely when to spot something suspicious. 

So, before you leave, be sure to tell a couple of neighbors that you plan on taking off. Furthermore, be sure to look into your neighborhood watch program before you go. Lastly, consider asking your neighbors to go “above and beyond” to make sure your home is secure. Be sure to take care of them with tips or gifts if you do. Things that your neighbors could do for you while you’re gone include: 

  • Mowing your lawn 

  • Taking your trash out 

  • Keeping a car parked in your driveway

  • Picking up your mail each day 

You Broadcast Online That You’re Leaving 

Although you should tell your neighbors that you’re leaving, you should not broadcast that fact online. Too often, people post their vacation plans or pictures from their trip online. While this is excellent to share with friends, family, and followers, it also lets people know that you’re not home. Burglars will know that your home is a prime target that they could take advantage of without repercussion. 

Statistics have shown that three of four burglars use social media to find which homes to target. You should make sure that you only share your social media posts with close friends. Perhaps even more so, consider not putting any posts up until you’ve arrived home. 

You Don’t Lock Your Home When You Leave 

Unfortunately, another mistake that’s all too common is that people don’t lock their doors and windows before they leave. One study found that nearly a third of burglars admitted to entering a home through a window or door that’s unlocked. Even if you have a highly-advanced security system, it’s effectively useless if you do not lock your doors and windows. 

So, before you go, you should perform a thorough check to ensure you’ve locked all doors and windows. Furthermore, if you have a garage door, make sure you lock the door in between your house and the garage. Too often, people leave this door open, forgetting that burglars could open a garage door manually. 

Lastly, make sure that you do not leave a spare key outside. Too often, people leave spare keys underneath a mat or flower pot. Burglars know to look in these locations for a spare key. Make sure you give a spare key to a neighbor directly instead of leaving it outside. 

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