Securing Self-Checkouts at Your Retail Location

November 26th, 2019

Self-checkouts are taking over in the retail world as a way to make the checking out process faster, easier, and more convenient for customers. Since 2015, we are seeing a steady rise in the number of transactions that are being completed on these kiosks, and these numbers are continuing to grow.

However, with this kind of technology, we also see a rise in theft with these self-service solutions in our stores. So, as a business owner, the cost savings of not having to keep as many people on staff and offering this convenience to customers needs to be weighed against the possible loss that may result.

To help prevent significant loss and keep the business on track, it is important to find ways to secure self-checkouts at your retail location. Today, we will go over a few of these ways.

Staff Self-Checkout

While it may seem like a step backward to have staff monitoring the self-checkout stations, it is important to remember that these kiosks need to have a person there to manage them. In the typical store configuration, you will typically find one person on staff to manage four to six kiosks at a given time.

They are there to help the customers and deal with any issues that arise. They are also there as a theft deterrent.

Train Your Employees

It doesn't help to have an untrained employee at these stations, either. If that is going to be the case, then you might as well not even have them there at all.

With these self-checkout stations, customers may pretend to scan the items and then place the unscanned items in the bag. Some are more blatant and will skip the scanning illusion and will instead take the items right from the cart and straight to the bag.

Employees need to be trained to identify these actions and this kind of behavior. It is also important that they pay attention to the people scanning, the items they are scanning, and if they are hitting the skip bagging button as a workaround.

In addition to learning how to identify these behaviors, an employee should also be trained on the proper way to approach the thieves. For example, if they notice that a customer pretended to scan the item and then placed it in their bag.

The employee can approach the customer with a helpful attitude saying, "Here, let me help you. When scanning, you need to make sure the machine beeps." It is a good way to approach them subtly and in a non-aggressive way.

Security Cameras

It is also a good idea to have security cameras installed in all self-checkout locations. Security cameras are always a great deterrent for this kind of crime. No one wants to risk being caught on camera stealing in the store.

For more information on security cameras and other video surveillance systems you can put in place to help prevent theft in your retail location, contact DWS Tech to go over all your options.


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