4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Home and Family

April 23rd, 2021

Keeping your home and family protected in Houston, TX has never been more challenging - or more important. Whether it is the burglar who robs your house while you are enjoying a great vacation or the mugger who decides to relieve you of your new iPhone, you never know when you will become a victim of crime.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your home, your possessions and your loved ones. These tips can help you keep your home safe whether you are at home, out running errands or vacationing at the beach.

#1 - Stop Oversharing on Facebook

Some of the biggest dangers to your home in Houston, TX are technological rather than physical. You might be anxious to share all the details of your upcoming vacation or after-work plans, but oversharing could leave your home vulnerable to thieves and other criminals.

The problem with social media is you never know who might be watching. There have been a number of troubling security breaches in the online world, and you do not want to leave yourself vulnerable. So feel free to share your vacation memories with all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers; just do it after you are safely back home.

#2 - Look at Your Home with the Eyes of a Thief

It may not be easy to put yourself in the shoes of a criminal, but it is important to try. Not everyone is as law-abiding as you are, and seeing your home from the thief's point of view can help you protect your property.

Take a walk around the exterior of your home in Houston, TX and look for weak spots a burglar could exploit to gain entry. From the basement window you forgot to lock to the overgrown shrub in the back yard, what you find might surprise you.

#3 - Install Some Security Cameras

The very presence of security cameras can be enough to send a would-be thief scurrying to greener pastures. Security cameras and surveillance systems are now affordable for the average homeowner, so there is no reason not to add them to your landscape.

As you do your home security audit, take a few minutes to look for prime security camera locations. Installing cameras in dark corners or locations not visible from the road can keep you protected and make burglars think twice before stopping by.

#4 - Consider a Wireless Security System

Old-fashioned home security systems in Houston, TX suffered from a number of dangerous drawbacks. The security system had to be hard-wired into the home, and it was impossible to take it with you when you moved. Monthly monitoring contracts were often costly and difficult to cancel, and dealing with the security system personnel could be a big hassle.

Worst of all, those wired security systems could be defeated in just a matter of minutes. Savvy burglars knew that all they had to do to foil the system was cut the phone line to which it was connected.

Wireless security systems do not suffer from those problems, and they are quickly becoming the standard for home protection. When you install a wireless home security system in Houston, TX, you can take it with you when you move, making it a good choice for renters as well as homeowners. The contracts for wireless home security also tend to be less costly and less restrictive. The technology behind these systems keeps improving as well; you can even arm your system using your smartphone or lock your doors remotely.

Nothing can keep your home totally safe, but taking a few common-sense steps can deter all but the most committed thief. Criminals are lazy and cautious by nature; if they think your home is too tough a target, they will quickly move on to a less secure property.

"Steve I just wanted to thank you and your partner Ray Kindsfather for the fine work you men did installing the security cameras around my home. The quality of the pictures is excellent, the clarity in day or infrared mode is exactly what I was looking for. What good is a camera if you can't identify the person and these cameras will greatly assist the police in identifying a perpetrator. The computer side of the job is easy and fast with very little adjustment time for me in finding what I want to see. Software and hardware get A+++++ no doubt about. The Ring is equally easy to use and the quality of the camera is equally strong. The installation was clean and fast. You maintain a clean site, it’s like you were never here. You answered all my questions with pin point accuracy. Integrity suits you well. Your answers were honest and to the point. Refreshing in today’s world. All and all you and Ray make a strong team at DWS Technology LLC. I have no problem recommending you to friend or family, home or business. God bless you both with your business. I will call you for future installations. "

Cliff Mulvaney


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Eli R.

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John Schreiber

Building Superintendent, Catholic Charities

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