Biometrics & Your Security

February 11th, 2019

The 21st century has advanced technology in a lot of unexpected ways for the day to day experience in Houston, TX. On the one hand, we didn’t get the flying cars, hoverboards, or moon bases with daily trips on a rocket that many envisioned. On the other hand, we now carry devices that fit in our pockets that take photos, shoot video, are connected to a global network, and have access to the collective knowledge of humanity.

This has also meant that there have been many developments in terms of security for people living and working in Houston, TX. Sometimes, the old standbys, like a mechanical lock requiring a key, are not sufficient for ensuring security. When a home or business needs something more, whether it’s to protect an area of business, or even a specific device, with sensitive information, biometric security, such as facial recognition, is an effective high-tech option.

Never Forget A Face

Biometrics means using the distinct features that a person has as a means of identification, and security verification. A fingerprint, for example, is a unique identifying feature that no other person has, and the same is true for the face. While people may sometimes have a strong resemblance to each other—especially identical twins—specific features, such as the distance between eyebrows, the thickness of lips, or even features acquired through accidents, such as scars, remain unique.

The Techniques

Facial recognition biometrics is increasingly becoming an effective form of biometric identification, but it works in a few different ways.

One popular technique is to use algorithms or mathematical rules. Specific features such as nose/eye positioning, size of facial features, and other factors are measured, and when a person is scanned for verification, the numbers stored in the algorithm are run past the new measurements taken in a facial scan.

The other technique simply takes a photo of a subject and then runs a comparison of the person currently being scanned with photos stored in the database. If the comparison is a match, the identity is verified. Both techniques benefit from the addition of 3D recognition, which doesn’t just measure the face, but also the depth of features, making it a great way to defeat photo manipulation as an attempt to counterfeit biometric recognition.

The Uses

Biometric facial recognition is already familiar to many as a way to gain access to personal devices, such as phones. However, its uses go far beyond that. Facial recognition can also be used as a way to control access to certain areas, such as doors that work on facial recognition to admit or deny entry. It can even be used in sensitive areas, to monitor whether people in a portion of an office or building are authorized to be there.

But perhaps most effectively, biometric facial recognition can also be used in searches and identification. If a suspect appears in visual range of a camera equipped with biometric identification, relevant authorities can be alerted and take action.

The future of biometric security Houston, TX is only going to become more important as the technology gets smaller, more robust and easier to use.

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