The Benefits Of Security Cameras For Your Property

November 1st, 2018

Whether a home, a business or another type of property, it’s always important to keep it safe and secure. Not only does paying special care to safety keep you safer, but it also protects your investment. Reported every single year in the United States are over 2 million home burglaries, many of which may have been stopped or solved with the evidence provided from a comprehensive security system. This 2 million figure does not count the multitude of business break-ins experienced, which has the potential to double the figure or more.

Today’s security camera systems are more effective and more precise than ever. As security needs have grown in today’s modern technological world, so have the solutions being created to effectively meet these needs. Even just a decade ago you may face having to install a large and bulky system in your Houston home, one that captures footage that is dark, pixelated, and difficult to see. Luckily for TX property owners, this is not the case today.

5 Benefits Of A Property Security System

The best way to see how a property security system will benefit you is to look at the specific perks it brings to your security. 5 benefits of a Houston, TX property security system installation include:

• Burglary prevention – In many instances, the existence and display of a property security system are enough to deter would-be burglars from attempting any mischief on your property. A report from the UNC has found that 60% of burglars have claimed that seeing a home security system would influence their decision to target a particular property.

Prevention of inventory loss – Whether a business, a farm, or a home, property security systems help to prevent loss of inventory. Not only will the presence of the system work to deter would-be thieves, but it can show clear photos of those taking property if such an event occurs.

Provides evidence – If your property is broken into if belongings are stolen, or vandals have attacked your property, your video footage shows clear evidence of the event and those perpetrating it. With this evidence, those responsible are more likely to get caught and face consequences for their actions.

Lowered insurance – For homes and businesses, many insurance providers will offer lower rates for those who install property security systems. While the savings may not seem like much at first, they can quickly pay for your system and then some in the coming years.

Peace of mind – Bumps in the night or local crime sprees can keep property owners of all kinds up with stress. The security of a property security system can help to provide solid peace of mind that your property is safe.

Security Systems For Any Sort Of Property

All properties deserve protection, and all property owners deserve peace of mind. To protect your property a security system can do wonders in deterring crime and providing evidence in the event a crime is committed. To learn more about a security system for your property, contact DWS Technology today.

"Steve I just wanted to thank you and your partner Ray Kindsfather for the fine work you men did installing the security cameras around my home. The quality of the pictures is excellent, the clarity in day or infrared mode is exactly what I was looking for. What good is a camera if you can't identify the person and these cameras will greatly assist the police in identifying a perpetrator. The computer side of the job is easy and fast with very little adjustment time for me in finding what I want to see. Software and hardware get A+++++ no doubt about. The Ring is equally easy to use and the quality of the camera is equally strong. The installation was clean and fast. You maintain a clean site, it’s like you were never here. You answered all my questions with pin point accuracy. Integrity suits you well. Your answers were honest and to the point. Refreshing in today’s world. All and all you and Ray make a strong team at DWS Technology LLC. I have no problem recommending you to friend or family, home or business. God bless you both with your business. I will call you for future installations. "

Cliff Mulvaney


"Ray, in reviewing several different security cameras there were many good products, but none met my criteria of clarity and no long-term contract. Raymond, you showed me one product that caught my attention with the clarity and distance viewing that I could not get with other systems. The zoom after a few feet became distorted with the other systems but with the Alibi NVR package you demoed, we could zoom in and out with clarity which made this product stand out from all the rest. The NVR system is so simple, in fact, anyone can configure the system to suit their needs. You can monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet and having security cameras makes it a great deterrent for criminal activity. DWS Technology delivered as promised! Your installation crew worked clean and treated my home as if it was their own. Great attention to detail! I will recommend DWS Technology to anyone! Great job guys!"

Eli R.

"DWS Technology does great work! I found them to be knowledgeable, professional and cost-effective. DWS designed a company-wide integrated comprehensive solution with site survey drawings outlying every detail of the project for our nine major locations. The surveillance performance we needed was exactly what we received. DWS, you outperformed our expectations and continue to do so with your tech support. Thank you for providing great service and delivering on your promises."

John Schreiber

Building Superintendent, Catholic Charities

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