3 of the Most Common Robbery Locations

February 19th, 2019

It is said that a robbery occurs every thirteen seconds which is not something we really want to have to think about, but it happens in Houston, TX. That is one of the reasons we need security in place for our homes and businesses. The following are three places that have been found to get robbed the most. 

Gas Stations and Convenience Stores 

Gas stations in Houston, TX make the ideal target for a burglar because most of them are open late or are open all the time. It gives a new meaning to “convenience” store. Most often, these establishments are robbed at gunpoint while the employee is forced to empty the cash register. It is a scary situation for the employees as well as any customers that had the unfortunate luck of being in the store at that time. 

Most of the time, the thief won’t get away with much more than around $900 either. It makes you wonder why they would put people’s lives in danger for such a small amount of money. 

Jewelry Stores 

Another commonly robbed place are Houston jewelry stores. Thieves and con artists have been targeting jewelry stores for years because it is an easy way for them to make some money. Most of these robberies occur while the store is open so that the thief can just walk on into the establishment. However, more and more jewelry stores are utilizing state of the art security systems which help deter criminals.  

Your Home in Houston, TX

Over 2 million robberies occur each year, and out of those 2 million robberies, a staggering 70% of them are residential. This makes it all the more important to ensure that you have a security system and other levels of defense ready to go to protect your home and family. 

Homeowners in Houston, TX and others in residential areas are more prone to break-ins if they do not have a security system. The criminal finds it much easier to gain entry to these homes and will not hesitate as they would if they saw security cameras on the property. 

The most common entry point for a criminal is actually the front door followed by the windows. With a security system, you can protect these points of entry, and if you aren’t at home, you can get a notification sent straight to your smartphone if a door or window at your home is opened 

Security systems in Houston, TX also come with other features you can use to protect your home in addition to door and window alarms such as motion sensors. It is never advisable to second guess the safety of either your home or business.  

Having a high-quality security system installed in Houston, TX can mean a significant difference between falling victim to a robbery or successfully protecting your family, employees, and property. Don't wait for something to happen to take the steps to add this protection. It is always ready to be prepared, so you are not caught off guard if something were to happen.  

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Cliff Mulvaney


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Eli R.

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John Schreiber

Building Superintendent, Catholic Charities

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